You can design a comic starring a “perfect worker”, that not only meets all his obligations but also exercises his rights. If your star is affiliated to the union you will be sending your workers a very powerful message. They can be short comic strips that you distribute once a month, or longer comic that

Ask me anything!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 by

What if we encourage workers to take pride in knowing their labour rights? We could create a badge, a symbol or insignia put on workers’ clothes or uniform which symbolizes the training they have received. With the badge on everyone would know that the worker has been trained and knows his/her rights. Workers who have

Do you trust me?

Tuesday, 03 July 2012 by

Many workers to not use the suggestion or complaints box because they don’t believe that their comments are going to be taken seriously, that their problem is going to be solved or taken into account altogether. Some improvements you can make are the following. Locate the box in a visible and accessible place that ensures

How do you ensure that workers really “get” the training materials that you prepare? How do you ensure you are including the issues that they are most concerned about? How do you know if the language you are using and the examples you provide are the best suited for them to understand the content? I

Painting is not child’s play

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 by

Why not organize a drawing contest? Ask each worker who wishes to take part in the contest to pick a right contained in the Code of Conduct, the Labour Code or the company’s internal regulations. Participants should then design and draw a poster illustrating the right they have chosen. All posters should be submitted by


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