How do you ensure that workers really “get” the training materials that you prepare? How do you ensure you are including the issues that they are most concerned about? How do you know if the language you are using and the examples you provide are the best suited for them to understand the content? I

I would never consider stepping on anyone’s rights, even if they were written on the floor in huge letters. How about if you write certain rights on the floor of those areas that should always be kept clear or empty; for example in front of emergency exits, below fire extinguishers, etc. You can even write

Do you happen to have a bowl of candy at the front desk or on top of your working table? Are there sweets in the tables where workers sit to receive training?  Think about including short texts on labour rights written within the wrappers of candy or sweets. It’s a very sweet way to communicate

Illustrate your code of conduct. Many companies complain that few of their workers actually know the content of the code of conduct, even if it is posted in notice boards and other very visible and accessible places. Some companies have decided to illustrate it: associating a picture to each code element makes it easier to

Much better!

Tuesday, 10 April 2012 by

There are two things that always me feel a little stupid: plane tickets and my pay slip. Why I can’t understand a plane ticket at a first glance? Why do I need college degree to understand my pay slip? We have to find formats that are easy to understand, attractive and user friendly. Do you

Educating different generations

Tuesday, 03 April 2012 by

I think that at school there should be a compulsory subject/course on workers rights and obligations, because all in all everyone is going to enter into the labour market one way or another, either as an employer or as an employee. As this conviction seems to be still far form reality, we could fill this

Any questions?

Tuesday, 27 March 2012 by

How often do questions in class go unanswered? Quite often; too often. It’s not necessarily because the teacher has not done a good job, sometimes questions are not raised during the class, or the questions/doubts arise afterwards. You can enable a notice board where workers can write and pin-up any question they have on their

Painting is not child’s play

Tuesday, 03 January 2012 by

Why not organize a drawing contest? Ask each worker who wishes to take part in the contest to pick a right contained in the Code of Conduct, the Labour Code or the company’s internal regulations. Participants should then design and draw a poster illustrating the right they have chosen. All posters should be submitted by


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