More ideas?

Want more actions? You can’t wait until next Tuesday when another action is published? Want actions tailored to your company and your needs?

Then what you need is an Opensharingworklife workshop.

An OpenSharingworklife workshop is a working session in which we think of concrete actions you can implement in your business.

Normally workshops are held in groups of 10 to 15 people. We organize them with participants from the same company or organization, or among people who do not know each other.

The OpenSharingworklife workshops propose ideas that break with traditional and conventional patterns of learning, training and communication. Then we work on those ideas that are potentially functional and transform and transcribe them into easily implementable actions. All work is done using applied creativity techniques and methodologies.

Typically, those ideas that arise in these workshops are also posted on the web. All actions that have been developed based on ideas that came up in Opensharingworklife workshops are tagged with an indicator.

If you are interested in participating or organizing a Opensharingworklife workshop contact us.


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