what is sharingworklife?

sharingworklife is a space for people working in (or with) companies committed to ensuring ethical behaviour with their workers and among their workers to communicate and interact.

It is the face of improvingworklife that is open to the community, as a forum for discussion, development and exchange of value.

In sharingworklife you will find ideas. Many ideas. Ideas described as specific, direct, affordable and simple actions. These actions are designed for:

– Managers who can implement them in their companies to:
o Ensure a good working environment thanks to the fact that their workers know their rights and obligations and have improved their skills and working relationships.
o Increase productivity as a result of this.

– Trainers who can use them in their workshops or classes to can make the learning experience more engaging, fun, genuine and efficient.

It is also very useful for: Corporate Social Responsibility staff (CSR), union leaders and representatives, workers and anyone who wants different ideas on how to communicate and train in a company.

sharingworklife is a meeting point -and for development- for all those who want to take on these actions, so that we all learn from success stories and from the challenges of implementing them.


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