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Currently millions of workers around the world work without knowing their rights and therefore without exercising them.

Few countries include labour rights and workers’ obligations within their curricula. Some unions and a few NGOs provide training on some basic issues and only when their budgets allow them. The lack of resources, lack of strong trade union structures and the lack of labour inspection campaigns or awareness rising of labour rights, makes it difficult for workers to have access to adequate information about the rights that the law recognizes them.

More and more international companies are taking an active role in promoting this knowledge because it is evident that a workforce that achieves this learning is more productive and increases profits.

These companies do not limit these actions to their own employees. They are also extending this training to their suppliers and require their supply chains abroad to train their workforce on labour rights. With this requirement companies are empowering workers and reducing the risk of non-compliances in their factories.

Suppliers are beginning to be aware that when workers feel that their rights are being respected, turnover rates are reduced and their commitment to the company increases.

But, how can suppliers train their workers?

How to find specific actions for workers to know and understand their employment rights?

Large workforce, high turnover, poor choice of teaching methods, many migrant workers who do not know the language, lack of interest on the part of workers, prioritizing other training issues, etc. The problems are many.

What if there was a space where suppliers could find tools to convey this knowledge to their workforce effectively and efficiently?

And what if they were simple ideas that could be implemented immediately?

What if they could share their experiences on the implementation of such actions with companies around the world?

Welcome to sharingworklife!


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